Quiting my job _ part 1


On that special day, one of the last days of my annual leave I experienced the bliss and unique gift my holidays kept for me — the keys to open the gate to a more fulfilling, joyful, and purposeful life ahead.

After being introduced to different spectrums of the spiritual world I started to understand how the everyday office expectations were not fulfilling for my soul. It was not only not fulfilling, but it was gradually destroying me. Inside. I called this state of myself a biorobot state – programmed for corporate expectations & success. Soul desires: disabled…
„I am working for the corporate purpose, not for my soul purpose… „
„Corporate is so secure, no worries about bills and taxes.”
„How can my soul purpose bring me money…”
„Everything is provided by the company for my success…”
„Corporate pays me, not my soul…”
Yes, these are some of what I heard, not only from colleagues and social and family expectations but from my own loud internal chatter as well.
I was torn and paralyzed, falling into a bottomless dark hole.

Until that day of my holidays…

It was a sunny summer day, fresh from the breeze of heavy rains from the days before.
I started the day with the usual rituals, yet, on this day I felt a special lightness in my body. I continued my day, and the lightness started to transform and expand. All I could feel were infinite possibilities, inner power, and a clear voice from inside „it is possible”. I started to feel the butterflies in my stomach, which stayed with me the whole night. Of course, I couldn’t sleep for a minute because of my intense excitement.
I knew… With the Sun waking up, the dawn of my new life in freedom arrived.

After returning from my holidays, I let the company know – „I am leaving”.

I had no plans ahead yet, it was a leap into the unknown. And while the voices of doubts kept on chitchatting, my Soul took a huge breath clearly expressing – „finally…thank you”.
I am forever grateful for that powerful day and for the choice I made.

Why am I sharing my story? Not to show how extraordinary I am… There are many inspiring stories out there picturing the unique momentum of leaving the secure corporate reality for an insecure, more challenging, yet vivid and full-of-life realm.

My purpose is to show it is possible, the power is inside each of us and my wish for everyone is to find that inner power, to enter new realms of possibilities in our own lives.

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