Travel Guide – My Open Diary


Writing was always on my list as something I wanted to do.

The reason was quite simple – I wanted to share my little stories, excitements, learnings, and new awarenesses with someone. 

First I was thinking about creating the audience and only then starting to pour out the words. Then a more silent part within me called my attention to something quite interesting…

That someone, that audience might just be a piece of paper or in this case the screen. I never know who finds it, and maybe the purpose is not someone finding it at all… The purpose of writing is simply the purpose of writing. When I leaned into this thought, I immediately felt lighter. All the expectations and guidelines about how to write well, how to make it more algorithm friendly, all that part which was stopping me faded away. Writing is the purpose. Sharing my thoughts, and my words as they come is the purpose. All the rest can be written by chatgpt, or who knows what else is out there. So simple.

And… The truth is that I still feel the sharing is happening, whether anyone reads them at all. Because it is all about the intention, the energy behind it. If just one person benefits from it, it is already worth it doing. And guess what – I am benefiting from it… ☺️ 

In the past I have gathered so much information, and knowledge in my life – through learning, experiencing, or simply by being blessed with gifts, and I didn’t know what to do with them. I still don’t know… It is all accumulated within me, like a stuck energy, making me heavy. It’s good to have all this knowledge but what’s the point if it is neither used nor shared? 

Writing helps in this process, in releasing all after chewing them, after making them mine. Let it be about yoga, self-development, astrology, the corporate world, websites, or who knows what else.

Writing is my good friend in decluttering and organizing within, in rediscovering and recreating myself.

My Open Diary. 

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