Focus. On. Love.


Follow love.

I forgot this fundamental instruction and remembered it again only several years later when I joined the coaching certification program in Portugal. The experience, the transformative energy I felt brought up this memory with Govinda, my first ashtanga yoga teacher back in 2015, and his words – go where there is love.

Love answers. Maybe, the answer is not something we want or expect, but something that moves us forward on our journey, something that makes us feel that we are held and supported.

2024 started intense and sometimes very heavy. I moved out of my apartment, left Budapest after 30 years, and moved back to my childhood room. A family member transitioned to the other realms and the first weeks of my journey out of Hungary were just chaotic and emotionally upsetting. While I felt unloved, again Govinda’s words echoed within. Love… focus on love and go where there is love. Go where you are loved. 

I am in Portugal now. It is cold and windy, and there is no heating in the apartment, yet I feel loved. Loved by my friends in the mentoring group, the girls in Le Petit Parisien, the restaurant owner at O Valerino, the ocean, and most importantly by me.

When I focus on love, it becomes tangible all around. In the everyday things, the way I get my coffee, how the seagull poops on me, or how the old local women greet me on the street.

All we need to do is focus on love. Without expectations, without conditions. Just love in its simplicity. No need for unicorns or mystical whisperings. 

The energy of love is everywhere around us… and within us. 

Focus. On. Love.

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