About Me and How I got here…

I am a discoverer, I am a creator. By discovering I create and by creating I discover.

I started as everyone else – I was born. In my case, this happened in a small town in Hungary, 40+ years ago.

Later I went to school and I learned a lot about numbers, and about the world around us. I learned languages. Then I went to work where I put into practice my knowledge about numbers and languages. I continued learning more about the world around me. About the communication with others around me.

The time arrived when I felt the lack of something significant – all the knowledge and all the possibility to practice them felt empty after a while. I felt empty despite the success I had. 

I started to look into something else.

In school and work, I learned a lot about the world around me, but I never learned about the world inside me. I knew how to consider the needs of stakeholders but I didn’t have the skillset to communicate with me, within me.

It started with a physical practice of yoga that soon became the gate to the inner realms. I continued with therapy, I practiced energy healing and immersed in astrology, then into other self-development practices.

All this experience helped me to arrive where I am now – to the merge of the inner world and the outer world in my actions.

All the knowledge – whatever it is -, has the power only when it is applied, when actions are taken.

Here I am now – after the accumulation of information, I stepped into action. 

I restart a great part of my life: job, country, people.

Along the way, I decided to share the experience, the challenges (past / present / future), and how I face them, whether successful or not. 

It’s a ride, and I believe several moments of this ride are worth to be shared.

To inspire you, to make you think, or just to give a glimpse into someone’s journey on this planet.

Welcome on board.