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Welcome to the realm of websites and online business operations!
Tackle the techy and operational challenges in your business with unique,
100% personalised-for-you solutions
with holistic approach.


How can we work together?

Website Creation

I create custom websites and offer maintenance for individuals looking for an affordable and personalised approach.

Website Mentoring

I help you build your own website by guiding you along the entire journey, providing a helping hand when you feel stuck.

Business Operations

I provide personalised support for small businesses & entrepreneurs from management of daily tasks through to long term projects.

Build Your First WordPress Website
in a Fun, Easy and Holistic Way

with the support of a website mentor !

DIY Lover! Are you stuck and overwhelmed with all the available information about how to build a professional looking, stunning website?
With my mentoring program I provide a fun and easy way to understand all the techy terms, a holistic approach and fully tailored lessons based on personal needs and of course personal energies.

who am I?

About me…

Annamaria Melo

I am a wild spirit entrepreneur, and – I come fully alive in supporting people to find and experience the fullness of their passion.

I was fortunate enough to enjoy corporate life for more than 16 years. I learned and experienced a lot during this time, widening the range of my skills in different roles – including leading teams and organising projects.

Then a huge shift in my consciousness occured. My ambitions to serve the company declined and I could feel a growing urge to serve in another way. I was more excited about my individual goals, I wanted to support the people and their dreams and offer them all the experience, skills, and gifts I received in my life.

The only way to do this was starting my own journey with my own business.

My Latest Works

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Guesthouse in Tenkes Valley

Guesthouse in Tenkes Valley

My Thoughts SIMPLICITY. Keep it simple. Paradoxically, simplicity is one of the most complicated tasks when building a website. Simplicity for who? For the website owner? For the website visitor? For the gods of algorithm? Is a website only valuable if it has endless...

Yoga Sutras with German

Yoga Sutras with German

My thoughts PLANThe biggest favor you can do to yourself when you start building your website is - creating a plan!Plan before you do is my go-to example when I talk about the power of planning in the webdesign process. I prepared and...

The Wild Woman – Santina Giardina-Chard

The Wild Woman – Santina Giardina-Chard

My Thoughts on the incredible journey with Santina and her website Connection with the website owner & website creation go hand in hand for me.💫 Feeling the owner of the website, touching the intangible is just the way I work. Surprising and sometimes complex....