Website of your soul


Are you in the process of having your new website, and feel overwhelmed with all the information and suggestion?

You have searched and read all possible articles, watched videos and yet you don’t see how to use all these pieces of techy information with ease and joy, how to connect the fact based, structured, dry information with you Soul desires and with what you truly want to transmit with your website to the audience?  

I am here to accompany in your journey to show you it is possible to bridge the technology and the Soul in a playful way to have firm foundations in your understanding of websites.


What do I offer?

Identy where you are stuck in your website journey – energetically and in technical terms

Explain and describe the facts and website terminologies in a way you can identify with

Help you understand in a unique approach how to use your feelings and energy in your website creation

Offer strategic approach(es) on structure based on your desires and vision

Support you in describing and putting into words your vision of your Soul website

Review your already existing site and offer insights, highlight opportunities and propose possible changes

Boost your confidence when it comes to having discussions with your webdeveloper (in case you outsource it)

Guideline, tips and tricks for creating your own website


How do we work together?

We schedule a 15 min free discovery call

We discuss how I can support you in your website journey

In case we agree to work together, we schedule the session(s)

I will send out an individualised documentation based on the sessions


What do you get after the sessions?

You will be able to express what you want your website be like

You will understand the main website terminologies

You will get practical tools on how to progress with your website

You will get tips and tricks in case you want to build your own website

You will look at website creation as a fun activity

You will fall in your website before it is ready

You will experience a unique approach to websites and technology

Motivation & joy


SALE! Purchase until 31.December 2020  and you get a free 30 min session



Discovery call – 15 min

2×45 min session with me

FREE – 30 min session (only in 2020)



Discovery call – 15 min

3×45 min session with me

FREE – 30 min session (only in 2020)



Discovery call – 15 min

4×45 min session with me

FREE – 30 min session (only in 2020)


Are you ready for the next journey in your business?

Please send your message and questions and we will get back to you shortly.



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