Yoga Sutras with German

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My thoughts

The biggest favor you can do to yourself when you start building your website is – creating a plan!
Plan before you do anything. is my go-to example when I talk about the power of planning in the webdesign process. I prepared and created my plan so well that this online course website was ready in record time – noone would tell… 😊

Plan the content, the colors and fonts you will use, prepare the photos, find and learn about the tools you will use. Get everything ready – build it in your head, and see where could be gaps. Prepare. A good plan is 80% of the work done.

If you want to learn about Patanjali’s wisdom and about the Yoga Sutras – you don’t want to miss this course. German has his unique way to introduce you to this ancient text, with everyday examples and easy-to-apply practices.

The techy details of the website

WordPress + Kadence + Learndash

The project everyone could wish for… I got all the content I asked for within days, and I was fully aligned with the website owner and his mission. Setting up the course with Learndash and Woocommerce always has its special way to learn something new, and these are the parts which made the work even more exciting.

Learndash is a very self-explanatory learning tool for WordPress, and it might have a learning curve in the beginning (it all depends what you need and where your techy brain is in that moment), I enjoyed working with it on this project.

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Learn Yoga Sutras with German