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My Thoughts

First steps.
Doing something for the first time is always opening a new door in front of us. We might have expectations, thoughts, and images of what it will be like having the door open. We can even visualize it so well that we already feel it in our bones that „the door is open”. We can prepare. Yet, nothing compares to the experience when it actually happens, you put your hand on the door handle and open it for the first time and you physically feel the touch of the new on your skin. It becomes real and you are forever changed with this one step ahead – whether you know it or not. The size of the step doesn’t matter. What matters is the step itself taken.
Rozsa’s website was the very first website I created and has its own place in my heart. Even though it is ready for an upgrade, it will always hold that special title, the first leap into the realm of websites.