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Guesthouse in Tenkes Valley

okt 8, 2022

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Keep it simple. Paradoxically, simplicity is one of the most complicated tasks when building a website. Simplicity for who? For the website owner? For the website visitor? For the gods of algorithm? Is a website only valuable if it has endless scrolling, popups, funnels, and singing contact forms?

There isn’t a single answer and that’s exactly why it is very important to be clear about what we want our website to do for us, who we are, and who our clients are.
Simple doesn’t mean less attention, less care, or less work. Simple means straightforward, without sideways, with less noise.

I long for simplicity, where I don’t have to search, I don’t have to figure out, I don’t have to scroll endlessly to find the information I need, and I don’t have to close the disturbing popups.
I know algorithms have their own rules, which might contradict all of the above. Yet, I find it such a relief and delight when the aim of a website is simply giving information without overwhelming the visitor, without the priority of serving the marketing trends and algorithms.

Simplicity is an art, it requires not only logic but creativity and courage to offer something not fitting into trends and mainstream.

The techy details of the website

WordPress + Divi Theme

I loved building the website for the Tenkesvölgyi Guesthouse – . All they wished for is something welcoming, harmonious, straightforward, and… simple. wished for a simple website that is welcoming, harmonious, reflects the essence, and has a straightforward way to navigate between the necessary pieces of information.

Building the website was quite a fun challenge – how to create something from minimal but more than enough information? I leaned on the strength of the photos provided, and a bit of CSS for the landing page.

See website at: