Build Your First WordPress Website
in a Fun, Easy and Holistic Way

the ultimate guide to create your soul-connected website !

DIY Website Mentorship Program

Have you ever wondered how building a website can embed spiritual practices?

Have you ever felt confused and lost in the division between logical and mystical ways?

Have you ever thought that building a website is not for healers and spiritual practitioners?

What if all these are only mere beliefs, and misconceptions?

What if Spirit appears in the dimensions of websites as well?

What if all simply depend on the perception?

You don’t need much money to create your own soul-connected, professional-looking website to showcase your services and who you are.

The website’s soul has nothing to do with the amount you spend on it.
It has to do only with You, how you approach it, what your thoughts are on it, what kind of energy you put into it, and how you infuse the techy part into the realms of heart creation.

I can connect you to this new perception.
Are you ready to dive in?

How do I know if this ultimate guide is a fit for me?
Well, I am sure you can benefit from it if…

You want to create a brochure website to showcase your offers and who you are.

You have no idea where to start and need a big-picture view and guidance.

You are lost and overwhelmed with all the information about building websites.

You don’t want to waste more time figuring out the best solutions for you.

You need someone to clarify the confusion.

You need an overview, a quick plan, and a starting point to build your first website.

What will you gain with the Ultimate Guide
to your Soul-Connected Website offer?

The anatomy of websites – essential parts and their role.

Guidance for an effective planning.

Understanding what platforms can offer you based on your budget.

The first vision of your soul-connected website (colors, fonts, structure, content).

Soul-aligned focus with the integration of marketing aspects.

Clarity on your next steps to create your soul-connected website

Inspiration and idea drops for your business.

Energy and motivation boost.

Ultimate Guide to Build Your Soul-Connected Website (DIY)

Mentoring Session for beginners

60 min 1:1 session


Checklist in pdf

Bonus: guide on how to build your first sales page

Price: 59 EUR

Who am I, and why am I offering such a unique program?

I am Annamaria and I am a website mentor. I support DIY lovers building their very first professional-looking website on their own.

I have been building websites since 2019. Building your first website can become an overwhelming experience with the flood of online tutorials, and also can be a wonderful creation process at the same time.

When I started, I faced the same, I was drowning in information and knowledge overdose, yet I was missing something, better say – someone, whom I could turn to for clarification or in case of doubts when I got stuck somewhere along my journey.

Slowly I was putting together the bits and pieces, in the beginning alone, then with the support of a mentor. During this time, I understood that building a website is not as complicated as it seems, on the contrary, it is a playful act when we figure out the rules of this game.

I believe that with some guidance, anyone can create a simple, beautiful, and professional-looking website without a technical background.

I am passionate sharing this knowledge with all DIY lovers.


Working with Annamaria is like working with a soulboss. Highly sensitive and connected to my soul, she knew how to reveal my deeper self in my website even if I didn’t know myself how it should be.
Thanks to her passionate energy and her desire to really connect her client’s deeper level of being, She succeeded in building a fully harmonized, and totally soul connected website.
If you are looking for someone who can deeply connect with you and help you to show up in your real self, Annamaria can help you!

Alexandra &

Annamaria is the starting engine. In our journey together she is always super inspirational and empathetic. I experienced a new perspective in my business right in the beginning as we were working together as she can see your uniqueness and the nuance, details others (even I) couldn’t see. Her advices help me move my business forward, she always has something new to offer. When she created my website, she kept it easy for me and build a simple and clever website that keeps bringing me clients. I trust her work and ideas.