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Rainbow Woman – Alexandra Antok

júl 29, 2022

My thoughts

Harmonious doesn’t mean everything has to be in order and has to come from similar shades. Harmonious doesn’t mean something cannot be vibrant and vivid. Also, harmonious doesn’t mean we have to like it. How it touches us, and how we feel with the composition of the colors is what has significance.
The mix of colors merged with the content, the message, and the values the website offers us is what counts. 🦚
My way is not about following what is trending on the market, I don’t care what the color of the year is. My way comes from the heart of the website owner, her/his essence. My work is capturing this essence and uniqueness as much as possible with simple technology and design tools in my hand. Trendy or not.🔥👩‍💻
Creating Alexandra’s website was a bliss. She is all into the soul, connection, healing, and creation with different techniques. When I talk with her, or simply look at her paintings, I enter the mystic and enchanted world with healing and energizing vibration all around me. ✨

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